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Textbuilder: Instant Blog Content Generator

Generate and publish hundreds of different blog posts instantly. Have you ever wanted to have an AI assistant write your blog content automatically? Now you can with TextBuilder! TextBuilder is the newest and best way to automate your blog content. It's an all-in-one toolkit that can help you generate content quickly and efficiently. With TextBuilder, you can generate long-form articles, reviews, buying guides and even affiliate marketing content with just a few clicks. It uses AI-powered GPT/chatGPT technology to generate high-quality text content, even on complex topics. TextBuilder's automated internal and external link feature helps you create more SEO-friendly content. You can also automatically schedule and publish articles to your WordPress blog with the click of a button.

TextBuilder is an awesome tool for anyone needing large amounts of quality content quickly! With near-instantaneous generation of articles, you can manipulate the generated text however you’d like - edit it freely, or turn on Auto Writer and simply personalize the text with your own prompts. Its use of chatGPT technology ensures quick and reliable ideas for whatever topic you need, for any industry. And the best part? You can get a free account and start using TextBuilder right away, no credit card required!

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