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Sharemint: Efficient Affiliate Network

ShareMint has built a powerful network with over 500+ affiliates and a network reach of 1,000,000+ with $300,000+ additional project revenue. Teams are able to one-click apply to work with top web3 partners in the ShareMint network. Launching an affiliate program with ShareMint can give your project the boost it needs to connect with more influencers and increase web3 user reach and conversions. In minutes, you'll have access to the ShareMint partner network to incentivize your community, web3 content creators and partners to share your project with their peers.

You can also tap into ShareMint’s marketplace to help web3 affiliates find your program easily and promote your project with their audiences. With ShareMint, web3 teams can save time and money when launching their referral or affiliate program. ShareMint simplifies your referral program setup and saves you the trouble of negotiating complex deals, as well as connecting with potential affiliates. This makes it an affordable and convenient way to boost your reach and increase web3 user conversions.

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