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fliki-splash.png AI-Powered Video Creation

Fliki is an AI video creation tool that lets you create stunning content in minutes! Powered by AI technology, it automates the entire process from text to video and simplifies the task of content creation. It offers a comprehensive list of features that are designed to help content creators produce stunning videos from their blog or text content. Fliki offers its users over 1000 lifelike AI voices in 75 different languages, a rich stock media library, and tools to add voiceover to videos, add subtitles with custom fonts and colors, as well as to auto-generate next scenes. It also comes with advanced features such as layers, picture-in-picture capabilities, and voice cloning. Additionally, you can use Fliki to turn PowerPoint presentations into videos and to convert tweets into videos to share on social platforms. It also features easy subscription plans, payment options, an easy-to-use editor, and support for multiple languages. All these features and more make Fliki the ideal choice for producing quality video content quickly and effortlessly.

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